Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Triviál Millinery New York

This last weekend I could not think of  "millinery" for the life of me. I was discussing it with T and I couldn't think of the word. "Hat makers! Its like Miller or something" I kept shouting.

I think the reason I didn't remember (besides having a total blank moment) is because milliners are not a service we use too often. Which is a shame.

I really, truly hope hats come back. And why shouldn't they? Hats are often overlooked accessories that are loads of fun to wear, and they actually serve a purpose of protecting our heads. In my opinion, hats are second runners up for  the hardest working accessory in the business (1st runner being shoes) They keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from harmful sun rays. What is not to love about hats?

Below are a few of my favorite pieces from Triviál Millinery. Too avant garde for day to day, but they definitely got the right idea of bring hats back! What beautiful works of art Trivál creates!

The Campaign for Real Hats begins now!!


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