Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girl Crush! - Rooney Mara

Oh Rooney, let me count the ways! You are officially a girl crush of mine and you have joined the ranks of other girl crushes such as Cecilia Mendez, Alison Nix and Ranya Mordanova. Yes, I totally have a type, but who cares? Your slim physic, elegance, bright eyes, and of course, lets not forget PERFECT HAIRCUT definitely distinguishes you among the legions of boring, long haired, overly sexed up women.

Here is Rooney at the CFDA/ Vogue Awards on November 14  looking beautiful and Vulcan  like.

And I do believe she is wearing Nars new lip color, Train Bleu, which I have recently bought and have been obsessed with as of lately.

Here's to years of success Rooney!


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