Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Looking for the perfect holiday outfit for all your festivity needs? Or perhaps the perfect gift for your  (even though he won't admit it) fashion obsessed boyfriend?

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Purchase from Dear Creatures and I will love you more today than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow)


Orla Kiely Fall / Winter 2010 Collection

Oh Orla Kiely! I've always seen the brand as Dear Creatures older, more refined English sister. I think Dear Creatures and Orla Kiely have the same style aesthetics and definitely pull from the same inspiration.

Orla Kiely is always one of my favorite collections every season, and Fall / Winter 2010 is no exception! I love their line. It is, however, a tad beyond my means price wise. The Orla Kiely showroom is in The Cooper Bldg where I work. I will have to wait for a sample sale and then make my move to stock up on their adorable vintage inspired pieces. Especially their vinyl raincoats! Swoon!


Orla Kiely Website Look Book

Beautiful clothes and beautiful styling!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jarvis and Mini Jarvis


Since I did a mommy post with Cecilia Mendez, here is a daddy post with Jarvis Cocker being a hot dad.

My maternal instincts come out when I see these pictures.

Shoo maternal instincts! Go away!

Too darn cute! It's killing me!


Pretty Mama.

Cecilia Mendez in a mother / son inspired editorial.  My favorite model in the world, (sorry Queen Kate) is exceptionally styled and comes out very polish and elegant as a fashionable young mother in this editorial. I wish I had a hard copy of the Russian Vogue this photo shoot was in. 

Is there anything my super girl crush Cecilia Mendez can't do? I absolutely love her work! She makes androgyny look good.

I have to do a Bird of The Day post soon dedicated to my darling Ceci (as I call her) but I haven't found the words fit for her tribute or have I finished shifting through all the pictures I have of her. If I would post all of them you would think I have a very unhealthy appreciation for this model. (which I so do)

In other news, I have been super sick with a major cold. Boo.

3/4 length coats, structured purses, patent leather shoes and mini dresses- I can't wait to be a mom!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(Baby) Bird of the Day - Baby Peggy

Not very often would you consider a baby, a fashion icon let alone give them my world famous coveted "Bird of The Day" honor, but Baby Peggy (now known as Diana Serra Cary) is so exceptional that this post goes out to her!

Baby Peggy was born October 26, 1918 and was one of the major child stars of the silent film era. She was discovered by Century Studios at the age of 19 months. Between the years of 1920 and 1924, she starred in over 150 short comedy films for Century and Universal Studios.

Baby Peggy was just as famous as the adult counterparts of her day such as Rudolph Valentino and Pola Negri. Peggy was also named the mascot of the 1924 Democratic National Convention and was seen with FDR during the convention.

The reason I chose Baby Peggy as my BOTD is because of she was a fashion icon during one of my favorite time periods and she did it well at such a young age!  She was often spotted in precisely fitted taliored suits, with a perfect triangular baby bob,  babydoll dresses, Buster Brown get-ups, satin bloomers, mary jane shoes, stylish wool coats w/ matching hats, and jumpers with peter-pan collars. Basically what I wish my closet looked like.

Baby Peggy was such an it girl back in her day that she even had a clothing collection of children's wear and a very popular line of dolls, modeled after the real doll herself, Baby Peggy <3

And below is the only video I could find of Baby Peggy's work. The video is extraordinarily special because it features Baby Peggy then and now <3