Wednesday, May 18, 2011

British School Boy Uniforms

I adore uniforms. Military uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, and especially school uniforms. I love the prim and properness of the school uniform and that in fact, many of them are very, very stylish and well designed.

I am 27 years old and still swoon at the sight of a school-girl inspired jumper, a knee length pleating skirt, solid colored knee highs and collared shirts. I have basically interpreted school uniforms into my own daily life uniform and will most likely be doing so until I am somewhere in my thirties and people force me to stop. But the fact that I am in my late 20s and often get confused for early 20s, I have a few years left of dressing as a private school student and getting away with it.

But what I really want to be wearing is the perfection of what is the British school boy uniform. Yea skirts are fun, but give me the charm of the matching blazer and shorts, sweater vest, striped ties, the wool socks and shiny oxfords! I have been on a mission to find a short and blazer set reminiscing of the British School uniform in April size but it has been tough. There is the option of putting 2 different shorts and a blazer together and calling it a set, but it is hard to find pieces that perfectly match. I need to make friends with British school boys and buy uniforms off them and have it tailored to suit me. If that's my only option so be it!

On the other hand for you gentlemanly gentleman who want to vibe into your inner school boy (or  Angus Young) Thom Brown Spring 11 Men's line channels well suited students.

Thom Brown S/S 11

And the original style scholars!

This post make me want to go home and watch "if..." tonight.



  1. I adore the classic British school boy uniform. The kids who sport them always look so smart and polished. I wish they were still style and that schools in the States adopted this look.

  2. i have a sixteen year old who was making trouble at the local shops he is now in short grey trousers and knee socks at all times at home but his school insist on long greys and sweatshirt,i am trying to find a school that will allow my right to punish as i think fit god knows what they would think if they knew he gets his backside caned as well.

  3. I'm the same I adore classic British school boy uniform. The kids look so smart and polished.
    And older boys should wear Short trousers.

  4. Yes! I adore the British school boy uniform as well - nice to see I am not alone! I want one for myself actually.

  5. As a Male I also love the British school boy uniform- I was lucky enough to be put into a British themed school in Australia for 6 years - however back then I didn't quite understand how lucky I was. Having said that if I were to Finnish university and get a job in the same big city, I would still try hard to follow the rules of my old high school when in uniform- coat on with a long sleeved shirt especially in winter, Always have a tie on when out in public and always be fully dressed when in a suit out in public. I do wish wearing a top hat or boater was still common place in day to day society today- for working in offices.

    I do agree that such uniforms make boys look prim and proper and love the knee high socks.

    1. Hello Lauren,
      I agree, that uniform make boys look prim and proper. And as a girl I like it, when boys a dressed in that way. I think boys (and girls) should be forced to wear proper clothes for school, even with a tie (for boys) and a skirt (for girls), but not being uniformed like recruits. Uniforms are in some way producing loyal subjects. My boyfriend likes his uniform, but in outside school he want´s to wear his own clothes, often with a tie.