Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Americans, Get The London Look!

Our very own gal from the states, Zooey Deschanel, has signed on to be the new face of Rimmel London Cosmetics. She joins other Rimmel spokeswomen like Queen Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Georgia Jagger  and Sophia Ellis - Bextor (singer of one of my favorite tunes ever, "Murder on the Dancefloor")

I didn't know exactly what to think when I first saw Zooey's Rimmel commercial. Zooey never struck me as a cosmetic line kinda a girl. And her American accent does sound a little odd when she reads the famous "Get the London look" line at the end of the commercial, but overall, Rimmel did a fine choice when choosing her as an American representative for Rimmel. I'm so happy it wasn't someone annoying like Lauren Conrad or a Kardashian.

Here is a little taste of Zooey for Rimmel. Or course her first campaign is for mascara. With those baby blues she has she can sell mascara like pancakes!


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