Monday, February 21, 2011

Designer Laura Flook's hauntingly romantic fashion!

I was in total awe and thrilled when I came across Laura Flook's enchantingly morbid collection! It has been some time since I have last found a clothing collection to be so unique and inciting! Laura's line is everything I would want my clothing line to be (if I had one); dark, Victorian-inspired, feminine and whimsical.

Laura Flook is a model, turned mortician, turned clothing designer. And with one look at her girly, gothic fashions, you can see how each one of her career choices has brought its own specific influences into her designs.

The deep, dark emeralds, burgundy's, sapphires, and chocolate browns she uses in her collection contrast her extremely romantic design features such as empire waists, puff sleeves, ruffled necklines, flowy hemlines, soft whites and oversized bows. It's the perfect balance of dark and sweet!

For more on her designs, please visit :

The designer herself testing out the embalming bed.

This post has made me want to listen to nothing but The Black Heart Procession for the rest of the night. 

Oh Black Heart, how I've missed your misery.  It would go perfect with a Laura Flook dress.


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