Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think Pink!

In honor of Valentine's Day, WWWD shot this girly, yet not mushy, pretty pink inspired editorial! And I must admit I was tickled pink to see it! (har, har)

Now I have never been one to wear pink, but the color was nicely styled in this editorial to feature romantic blush tones, pinkish-nudes, stunning apricots, and that beautiful pink-lavender hue that I have just been crazy about!

Im in the mood for pink!



  1. I am with you - I wear pink with caution. Love the different shades and pieces featured here!


  2. A wearable pink hair color eventually (well, other than the Kirsten Dunst's one in Marie Antoinette!) it's beautiful ;)
    Lovely editorial, thank for sharing it!

  3. Hello Anna & Ale! Thank you for reading Ahoy hoy! I enjoyed your comments!

    @ Anne You do have to be extremely careful with pink so you don't end up looking all "Baby Jane" like :)

    @ Ale I ALWAYS wanted to try and have pink hair! But that really light baby pink color. It's very cherub!