Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gaga for the children!

If you are a world-famous artist like Lady Gaga, and have already won countless Grammy awards, made the public shriek by wearing raw meat dresses, have more Platinum albums than you know what to do with, and are the head creative director of Polaroid Film Inc. what is your next step? Why children's literature of course! It's what any renowned Rock Star does! It worked for Madonna!

Miss Gaga has teamed up with artist Andrew Kolb for a stylish and G rated children's picture book based on her hit song "Telephone". The illustrations have a stylish vintage vibe and remind me of the books I read in elementary school SSR. The book also omits all the "not suitable for young children" things about the Lady Gaga and Beyonce Telephone video like prison sex, skimpy caution tape outfits , and sunglasses made out of cigarettes. It's Gaga for the whole family! The book is so clean it practically squeaks.

This book will be on my gift list for all my friend's children's birthday's this year. Pop culture brought to them by Auntie April!


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