Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warner Bros. Costume Department - The Mecca of clothing!

A couple of weeks ago B and I visited the Warner Brothers Costume Dept. Warehouse to possibly pull some items for our Dear Creatures Fall 2011 photo shoot. If you haven't heard of this clothing mecca  it literally is in the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank CA, and it is a giant warehouse that houses thousands, if not quite possibly MILLIONS of clothing articles from every single time period imaginable, every costume you can dream up for and so so so much more. Best thing to compare it to would be the Library of Congress for Fashion and Costumes - basically heaven.

The warehouse is only open to stylists or specifically to pull for Warner Bros TV shows and movies. I cannot begin to fathom the size, organization, and sheer overwhelming feeling of this place! Oh heart be still!

Here I am with an arm-full of hats. It was hard to pick just a few.

Clothing racks are stacked high, one atop of another. You have to reach items by climbing on these tall step ladders. Luckily I'm not scared of heights. Even if I were I'd still climb it just to get to the pretty merchandise! That's how dedicated I am!

I immediately fell in totally lust for these beautiful 1960's baby blue heels. Good god have your ever seen a prettier shoe in your life?!

And look at that! They're just my size! I hate to see a good shoe just sitting on a huge rack with countless others. rats.

18th Century shoes

Just a teeny, tiny, ittle, wittle portion of the "1960s" shoe section. My heart skipped a beat and I drooled a little when I came across the shoe aisles.

Rows of vintage and reproduced mens suits from 1800-1900's. I would have loved to have dug through these. I love Victorian men's fashion.

And lets not get started on the hats! This is only about 1/4 of the 1960's hat collection. Stacked yards high, all sorted by color. Stunning!

Hats! Must have more hats!

The "1960s" women's clothing aisle. What my closet will look like one day.

And the most peculiar thing I found, a little Edwardian Tux made for a monkey to wear. Little monkey top hat included!

This was the BEST field trip I have ever been on! 



  1. When I worked on the Austin Powers movie We got to go to this office that was filled of all the Warner Bro 1960's collection that they brought over to the studio from this warehouse. I was seriously dying!! I loved every outfit they put me in! It was just Lines of Extras and other cast members and they had a ton of wardrobe people to have us fitted and took pictures of us in each of the outfits they choose for us.

  2. That sounds like fun Iris! Did you make it into the movie? What part? Do you have pictures! I bet what you were wearing was something you would wear anyways!

    Have fun in your SF trip this weekend <3

  3. Sigh, I am positively swooning over here! What a treat!

  4. how totally awesome cool! thanks for sharing this cool story. I have often wondered abou the clothes in movies and how big the warehouses on the movies sets, and what a cool job to keep those clothes catalogued, etc.

    I bet the major stuff like Julie Andrew’s dress in Sound of Music, and clothes from the Wizard of Oz are on display in cases --oh my!I would love to see all those clothes. that’s a mecca!!

  5. Hi,
    I dont know whether you would be going to the costume department for Warner bros again,
    But i am asking for some help to identify a certain pair of shoes used in "New York Minute" made in 2004 starring the Olsen Twins. Id like to know what type and brand of shoes Ashley wears as Jane, which are brown leather w/ black heels.
    I am asking as i am desperate to know what these shoes are and i hope maybe you can remember on another trip to the studio to look for them and write them down or soemthing for me.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated