Friday, February 4, 2011

Ahoy hoy! Version 2.0

Welcome ladies and germs to the newly improved, revamped Ahoy hoy Blogspot! (Please hold your applause till after the end of the entry)

I was lucky enough to have a very talented, extremely creative friend of mine, Miss Lili Chin, whip up one of her ultra stylish illustrations for my blog. I must say I couldn't be happier with the results! Not only did she make me look too cute in her rendition of me (thanks Lili!!!) , but her drawing with its bouncy font, and vibrant colors, has brought fresh air to my blog! It's like spring cleaning for Ahoy hoy!

Check out Lili's artwork below! You would agree that this girl has skills!


Lily is an avid dog lover as well! See her Doggie Drawings and commission her for a portrait of your own at

(Let the applause begin)



  1. Ahh, your blog looks fab! You'd think that with all the illustrators and designers I go to school with, I'd have someone fix my websites, right? You're genius!

  2. Thanks Nica! I was just lucky to have a friend who was willing to help my blog out!