Friday, January 18, 2013

Phil Poynter's Mods for Vogue Italia

Photographer Phil Poynter has a gift of capturing the "in" crowd in their total essence. I am enamored by his shoot for Vogue Italia where Phil photographs these present day Mods in their natural habitat of riding on scooters, roaming the beaches of Brighton, lounging in cafes and looking incredibly stylish. It leaves you to wonder that if the whole Mod movement originally took place in the present day would all the mods look these sleek and cool? Enjoy the following photographs of Phil Poynter's Modern Mods!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aymeline Valade for Vogue Japan

Honestly, is there any combination in the world better and cooler than black & white? I mean gin & tonic is a close runner up, and PB&J is up there too but to me the match truly made in heaven is when black met white.

It's apparent in a lot of the upcoming Spring campaigns that many designers also have a deep penchant for the black & white contrast. I am really looking forward to posting those B&W collections in the upcoming weeks! In the meantime here is Aymeline Valade in Vogue Japan modeling how the perfect combo is perfectly executed, in a very graphic and very mod way . Such amazing styling and photos!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Northern Soul on the Runway! -Nutters of Savile Row

Happy Monday Ahoy hoy readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine mostly indoors shunning myself from the outside cause of A: It is icy in Los Angeles and B: I have a cosmetic allergy on my face. Hooray for sensitive skin!

Anyways, here is a fashionable and fun video that my boyfriend Liam showed me over the weekend. The collection is Nutters of Savile Row AW 13. This northern soul inspired collection includes soul bag trousers, tailored jackets and the best part of all - northern soul dancers! KTF!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lisa Cant for The Fashion Magazine

Hooray for these spectacular Mod photoshoots! This editorial, "Out on a Limb" is very futuristic and is loads of space age fun! Model Lisa Cant wears bright colors, heavy textures and a very neat array of pant suits that are envy of any earth girl. The photos are bright, fun and very galactic.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anja Rubik for Vogue Italia

The most insanely cool Vogue Italia shoot I have ever seen! The hair, the makeup, the clothing, the sex appeal, the attitude! I cannot get over how sensational  Anja Rubik looks in this shoot by Camilla Akrans.  The photos are vampy, feminine and masculine at the same time. And Anja's hair is totally mod. It's like my 2 loves of 60's Mod and 80's Dark Wave clashed and the result is beautiful Anja in this shoot titled "Wild & Chic" I've said it once and i'll say it again- European Vogue definitely outshines ours in my honest opinion. Does anyone know if I can get a Vogue Italia subscription sent to  Los Angeles?