Monday, June 6, 2011

Chloe Moretz for Nylon May 2011

Oh Chloe! You are doing it so right it's not even funny! While other young Hollywood starlets dress so inappropriate for their age (since when is stylish to be 19 and dressing like a Real Housewife?) and look like clones of one another, you are a stunning little vision in your Nylon Magazine editorial!

Dressed in bold Summer colors and designer duds such as Chanel and Burberry, your style is punchy, playful, Mod inspired, and age appropriate! After all, you're all of what, 14 years old? There is still hope for class, style and refinement in Hollywood! Keep up the good work Miss Moretz!


Update on my life...

I apologize boys and girls for not posting for some while. Please know that in order for me to neglect my beloved blog, something catastrophic must have happened. In this case I call the catastrophe strep throat.

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I had started to feel under the weather. And with what started as chills, body aches and a minor sore throat - was a full on strep throat by the time I had to go to Urgent Care on Tuesday.

And while I won't bore you will the details of high fevers, not eating for 5 days and pure hell, I did miss work for an entire week and lost 8 lbs. I guess thats the silver lining to this if there is one- a vacay and shedding pounds.

Now one can't plan these illnesses but mine couldn't come at a worse time. I had put in my 2 weeks at Dear Creatures just the week before and the week I was out with strep throat, was actually suppose to be my last week because, (drum roll please) I start my new gig tomorrow at -

So now that the strep throat is over and done with (good riddance!) and I am excited and positive about taking a new step in my life!

Let the good times begin!