Monday, June 6, 2011

Update on my life...

I apologize boys and girls for not posting for some while. Please know that in order for me to neglect my beloved blog, something catastrophic must have happened. In this case I call the catastrophe strep throat.

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I had started to feel under the weather. And with what started as chills, body aches and a minor sore throat - was a full on strep throat by the time I had to go to Urgent Care on Tuesday.

And while I won't bore you will the details of high fevers, not eating for 5 days and pure hell, I did miss work for an entire week and lost 8 lbs. I guess thats the silver lining to this if there is one- a vacay and shedding pounds.

Now one can't plan these illnesses but mine couldn't come at a worse time. I had put in my 2 weeks at Dear Creatures just the week before and the week I was out with strep throat, was actually suppose to be my last week because, (drum roll please) I start my new gig tomorrow at -

So now that the strep throat is over and done with (good riddance!) and I am excited and positive about taking a new step in my life!

Let the good times begin!


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