Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Bag Princess

In hard financial times like these, one must get creative when it comes to fashion. In this W spread, model Sasha Pivovarova demonstrates how to use shopping bags as couture. Now I wouldn't go as far as a paper bag Prada mini dress (or would I?) but I wouldn't mind being surrounded by a Salvatore Ferragamo paper bag fort! For some reason I can't ever bear myself to throw out my Ferragamo shopping bags and boxes. And now I know the perfect thing to do with them! A crimson red Salvatore Ferragamo paper fort!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

John from 9 1/2 Weeks

Boy oh boy! I have just finished seeing 9 1/2 Weeks starring a very young and sexy Mickey Rourke,(did I just use sexy and Mickey Rourke in the same sentence?) and the stunning Kim Basinger. The film itself was very heartfelt and the sexuality, even if at times pretty hot & heavy, was tastefully done to show the pure passion and emotion between the 2 main characters.

The whole movies oozed the avant gard and pure excess which was the 80s. 9 1/2 Weeks was completely stylized with 80s over-the-top flashiness and reminded me of another movie that I hold so dear to my heart- American Psycho, because of the hot, sexually charged, handsome 80's Wall Street yuppie main male character. And who says I don't have a type?

As for the fashion, Kim Basinger's character Elizabeth, wore the quintessential hot 80s babe outfits. Structured little black dresses, tailored men's wear inspired suits-shoulder pads and all, lots of lingerie and the super oversize linen/ cotton pieces that were so popular in the 80's and unfortunately I see remnants of it all the time on girls at the Cooper Bldg.

But as for Mickey's character John, he has the sexy I-can't-wait-to-take-your-clothes-off look down! For some reason, I don't remember 80's fashion being so bad for men. I mean suits where big and very military inspired, and the color palatte often a mix of greys, black, and white.

So here is what I would dress John in if I were to get my little hands on him!

Hugo Boss 3/4 length Men's coat. Because if you are young and hot working on Wall St. in the 80's- you must wear Hugo Boss.

Brooks Brothers wool V-neck Sweater. An easy piece to look cool in and throw on once you actually get out of the bedroom.

American Apparel Military Surplus Tee. This extra heavy heather grey crew neck goes so well under your Pea Coat while you are romancing on the streets on NY.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Pleated Wool pants. These pants have a looser fit that would make it easier for John to, ummm, move around in. And for Elizabeth to get into! (Please see bar scene in the movie!)

Kiehls Malleable Molding Paste - for the perfect 80's coiffure.

And of course a Dior Silk Scarf. Because you never know when you may want to blind fold your special someone.

And as if I didn't have another reason to totally geek out over this movie, my darling Bryan Ferry's classic, Slave to Love, is featured in one of the most romantic parts of the movie. Ooo Mr. Ferry!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Granny Chic in VOGUE

An adorable little editorial I came across from a older issue of Vogue. The model is a very cute Gemma Ward sporting short black hair (my fave) and vintage inspired tweeds, furs and wools. The clothing is very elegant and I could only wish I had some of these pieces in my closet.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

British School Boy Uniforms

I adore uniforms. Military uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, and especially school uniforms. I love the prim and properness of the school uniform and that in fact, many of them are very, very stylish and well designed.

I am 27 years old and still swoon at the sight of a school-girl inspired jumper, a knee length pleating skirt, solid colored knee highs and collared shirts. I have basically interpreted school uniforms into my own daily life uniform and will most likely be doing so until I am somewhere in my thirties and people force me to stop. But the fact that I am in my late 20s and often get confused for early 20s, I have a few years left of dressing as a private school student and getting away with it.

But what I really want to be wearing is the perfection of what is the British school boy uniform. Yea skirts are fun, but give me the charm of the matching blazer and shorts, sweater vest, striped ties, the wool socks and shiny oxfords! I have been on a mission to find a short and blazer set reminiscing of the British School uniform in April size but it has been tough. There is the option of putting 2 different shorts and a blazer together and calling it a set, but it is hard to find pieces that perfectly match. I need to make friends with British school boys and buy uniforms off them and have it tailored to suit me. If that's my only option so be it!

On the other hand for you gentlemanly gentleman who want to vibe into your inner school boy (or  Angus Young) Thom Brown Spring 11 Men's line channels well suited students.

Thom Brown S/S 11

And the original style scholars!

This post make me want to go home and watch "if..." tonight.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Nadinoo SS11 Collection

Nadinoo's Spring/Summer 2011 collection embodies the romance and innocence of Spring. This seasons collection features pastel colored high waisted shorts, vintage inspired summer dresses,  and feminine blouses. What more could a girl want in a Spring collection?