Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

Oh Hallow's Eve! The one day a year where you can be anything you like and totally get away with it. I decided to get in the spirit this year at the last minute but couldn't decided what to be. So I took a gander into my closet and tried to get my creative juices flowing. Lets see, I have about 4 dresses which are all black with white collars, multiple pairs of black as night opaque stockings, and some eerie looking vintage Justin boots.  Why my ensemble looks like something straight out of a Addam's closet! And so my Wednesday Addam's costume was born.

Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and a little style icon. With her raven pigtails, pale ghostly skin, and macabre little black dress, this pint size morbid girl is as adorable as she is ghoulish!

Here are some ideas of W.W.W.W? (What Would Wednesday Wear?)

Black Knit Dress with Peter Pan Collar

Maria La Rosa Opaque Ribbed Tights

Kate Spade Mary Janes

Bumble and Bumble Black Hair Powder

Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder

A grim little children's book for Wednesday's library!
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

Antique bottles for spells & potions!

Here is my version of the groovy little ghoul (with T as "the 1%").  I wore my Modern Lovers dress, black opaque tights from Target, and my vintage Justin boots. I added a wig complete with pigtails, a heavy coat of Cover Girl foundation in Ivory, and a little grey eyeshadow for some deadly looking dark undereye circles and I had myself a quick costume!

Happy Halloween kids!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bryan Ferry at The Greek Theater

Bryan Ferry at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles October 15th 2011 5th row center seats. I had an utter blast at the concert! Bryan played a great assortment of new stuff, older solo stuff, covers and Roxy Music tunes. I have to say my favorite numbers were Slave to Love, Don't Stop the Dance, Casanova (I was surprised he played Casanova, it was the only song he played from Country Life) and If There Is Something.

Bryan's persona and performance was everything I imagined it to be! It was the highest degree of glamour I have seen in a performance. The whole show was exploding with style from his sexy back-up dancers and singers to Bryan's amazingly talented and hot saxophone player who T left the concert with a little crush on.

Here are the pictures and videos I was able to take at the show inbetween all my crying, dancing, singing and shouting at the top of my lungs; "I LOVE YOU BRYAAAAAAAN!!"

Bryan performed Slave to Love right after he performed Don't Stop The Dance. It was a double header of awesome!

If There is Something with an outstanding solo by saxophonist Jorja Chalmers. Sorry for the shaky hand. It was a little difficult singing, dancing and recording.

My souvenir Bryan Ferry shirt

Till we meet again Mr. Ferry!


Friday, October 14, 2011

The man, the myth, the legend - Bryan Ferry!

In less than 24 hours my life will completely change FOREVER! And my small, simple little world will ever be the same. For I, will be seeing Bryan Ferry up close & personal from third row seats at The Greek theater. Expect greatness!

My obsession with my gentleman of the manor Mr. Ferry, has been around for years. But only lately has it exploded into full blown hysteria. I mean what woman wouldn't fall completely hypnotized by his gravitational pull? Women young and old, (he is know to now at age 66, date woman half his age - or more) have succumb to his sex appeal, talent, elegance, and "it" factor that has allowed Mr. Ferry to a career 40 years old.

A little bit about the man of honor, Bryan Ferry was on September 26, 1945 Washington, County Durham UK. Growing up he should great promise in both acting and music. In 1971 Ferry formed the infamous band Roxy Music with members Andy Mackay, Brian Eno, Graham Simpson, Phil Mazanera and Paul Thompson. Ferry and Roxy Music put out many highly acclaimed albums (Country Life being my personal favorite) until 1982's Avalon, where after extensive touring he decided to go solo. Bryan has had a very successful solo career and is currently on tour with his latest album Olympia.

What I love about Bryan (besides his tremendous musical talent) is his personal style. No one in my opinion comes close to his dapper, sensual, elegant persona. Ferry has collaborated for many years with fashion designer Antony Price for image consultations , styling and clothing. Bryans love for art, style and glamour is evident in his fashionable suits, imagery on albums, music and attitude. British Interior designer and socailite, Nicholas Haslam, has been quoted saying about Bryan Ferry "he is more likely to redecorate a hotel room than to trash it". And for that Mr. Ferry- we salute you!