Monday, February 28, 2011

Viva La Juicy owes Peggy & Rudi!

I noticed these Juicy Couture ads for their fragrance, Viva La Juicy and immediately thought of Rudi Gernreich & Peggy Moffitt! The Juicy ad's are very cute and playful but I couldn't help but feel that Peggy and Rudi have been robbed! Which proves once again, everything old is new again!

My one and only Peggy Moffitt modeling Rudi's Japanese School Girl pieces. No one does it like my lovely Peggy! 

Prada Autumn / Winter 2011

Prada showcased their Fall / Winter 2011 collection at the Milan Fashion week and I love the whole Mod/Aviator look ! The shapes of the clothing look very aerodynamic and the colors and prints very Mod. Overall the designs have a fantastic retro / futuristic vibe that is incredibly chic and extremely feminine! The head pieces are amazing as well. Is it safe to say that Prada A/W 2011 was inspired a tad by the aviation-chic designs of Pierre Cardin? I think so, and I love it!

Pierre Cardin's Space-Age aviator designs


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vidal Sassoon - The Movie

Oh joy! I just purchased T and I tickets to the special screening of the Vidal Sassoon movie tomorrow! I am bubbling over with excitement! I have been viewing the trailer over and over and squeal with utter delight knowing that I'll be seeing the movie tomorrow!

I will definitely be writing my thoughts on the movie after viewing it. I can tell you already, even if the movie sucks (which it won't) I would be enthralled with just seeing all the pretty images of Mr. Sassoons luscious bobs and 5-point haircuts! It will be visual stimulation fo' sure! A dream come true for any short hair aficionado!

Vidal Sassoon Hair-dids then:
(my lovely, lovely Peggy Moffitt sitting at the bottom right hand corner)

Vidal Sassoon Hair-dids now:

Oooo! I cannot wait to see all the blunt bangs and geometric haircuts in this film and find out a little more about the man, myth, and legend that is Vidal Sassoon!

UPDATE: As predicted, I loved the Vidal Sassoon movie. I wasn't old enough to experience the whole Sassoon craze of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, so it was amazing to be able to relive his achievements and breakthroughs in a career spanning over 50 years. Not only was the movie pure eye candy with the amazing haircuts, fashion and old video footage, but it was extremely sentimental and inspiring! A must see!

Not the best picture of me, but it's all about that poster!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Designer Laura Flook's hauntingly romantic fashion!

I was in total awe and thrilled when I came across Laura Flook's enchantingly morbid collection! It has been some time since I have last found a clothing collection to be so unique and inciting! Laura's line is everything I would want my clothing line to be (if I had one); dark, Victorian-inspired, feminine and whimsical.

Laura Flook is a model, turned mortician, turned clothing designer. And with one look at her girly, gothic fashions, you can see how each one of her career choices has brought its own specific influences into her designs.

The deep, dark emeralds, burgundy's, sapphires, and chocolate browns she uses in her collection contrast her extremely romantic design features such as empire waists, puff sleeves, ruffled necklines, flowy hemlines, soft whites and oversized bows. It's the perfect balance of dark and sweet!

For more on her designs, please visit :

The designer herself testing out the embalming bed.

This post has made me want to listen to nothing but The Black Heart Procession for the rest of the night. 

Oh Black Heart, how I've missed your misery.  It would go perfect with a Laura Flook dress.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gaga in Vogue

I'm not particularly a big Lady Gaga fan but I do find her songs often stuck in my head and like to see what crazy outfit she comes up with next. And I totally, absolutely am in love with her spread for the March issue of Vogue magazine!

Just a couple of posts ago, (Think Pink, Feb. 8th) I featured a model wearing a bright fuchsia bob. Those photos got me thinking of how I always wanted a cherub looking baby pink bob and viola! Vogue comes along featuring Gaga in a pastel pink bob and I must say I love it and I'm now looking for a pink bob wig of my own. How fun!

Here is Miss Gaga sporting the pink bob, dark plum lipstick and pale eyebrows. I must say this is my favorite Gaga look EVER!

I'm going out and getting my copy of Vogue tomorrow!


Dear Creatures ENK Las Vegas 2011

Whew! What a week Dear Creatures has had! We had a great trade show in Las Vegas and  it was very fun seeing buyers, our sales reps from across the country, seeing other brands new collections and working with new accounts!

Even though we had a great time in Vegas, I am glad to be home :)

So that is why there hasn't been much posting going on lately. But expect new posts very soon :)


Friday, February 11, 2011

Peter Pan Collar Porn

This post is inspired by a friend who when I mentioned I was obsessed with Peter Pan collars so much that looking at them was like porno to me. She then suggested I do post on my blog of "Peter Pan Collar Porn". Yes, I am twisted and my love for those dainty collars is officially unhealthy.

So here are some images of my favorite collar in all the lands- the Peter Pan.

Emma Watson

Alexa Chung

Rebecca Ferguson

WHEW! I need a cigarette STAT!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warner Bros. Costume Department - The Mecca of clothing!

A couple of weeks ago B and I visited the Warner Brothers Costume Dept. Warehouse to possibly pull some items for our Dear Creatures Fall 2011 photo shoot. If you haven't heard of this clothing mecca  it literally is in the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank CA, and it is a giant warehouse that houses thousands, if not quite possibly MILLIONS of clothing articles from every single time period imaginable, every costume you can dream up for and so so so much more. Best thing to compare it to would be the Library of Congress for Fashion and Costumes - basically heaven.

The warehouse is only open to stylists or specifically to pull for Warner Bros TV shows and movies. I cannot begin to fathom the size, organization, and sheer overwhelming feeling of this place! Oh heart be still!

Here I am with an arm-full of hats. It was hard to pick just a few.

Clothing racks are stacked high, one atop of another. You have to reach items by climbing on these tall step ladders. Luckily I'm not scared of heights. Even if I were I'd still climb it just to get to the pretty merchandise! That's how dedicated I am!

I immediately fell in totally lust for these beautiful 1960's baby blue heels. Good god have your ever seen a prettier shoe in your life?!

And look at that! They're just my size! I hate to see a good shoe just sitting on a huge rack with countless others. rats.

18th Century shoes

Just a teeny, tiny, ittle, wittle portion of the "1960s" shoe section. My heart skipped a beat and I drooled a little when I came across the shoe aisles.

Rows of vintage and reproduced mens suits from 1800-1900's. I would have loved to have dug through these. I love Victorian men's fashion.

And lets not get started on the hats! This is only about 1/4 of the 1960's hat collection. Stacked yards high, all sorted by color. Stunning!

Hats! Must have more hats!

The "1960s" women's clothing aisle. What my closet will look like one day.

And the most peculiar thing I found, a little Edwardian Tux made for a monkey to wear. Little monkey top hat included!

This was the BEST field trip I have ever been on!