Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A la Mod - How To Spend It Magazine

Mod it truly all around us this spring! In magazines, fashion shows, television, adverts, movies and even in very unexpected publications like London's Financial Times How To Spend It magazine.

Now you wouldn't expect such a swank fashion spread in a finance magazine but Financial Times does style so well that they put out a big glossy editorial, How To Spend It, 30 times a year and distribute it with finance circular. And by golly this photo shoot entitled A la Mod is right on the money!


Friday, April 19, 2013

London Fashion by Paul

Missing London already.

Photo taken on Savile Row, London. http://londonfashionbypaul.blogspot.com/


Richard Serra at The Gagosian


Photo featured on http://purple.fr/diary/


Monday, April 15, 2013

Renata Sozzi for Criativa Mag

Model Renata Sozzi is the epitome of pixie pretty in this playful mod editorial for Brazilian magazine Criativa Mag. In this photo shoot stylist Leticia Toniazzo styled her in bright stripes and neon. The brillant bright make up and glassy hair cut gives the photos a sleek, groovy mod vibe to them. This photo shoot is tops and by the looks of the video was as much fun to shoot as it is superbly cute.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vogue Italia Beauty edition

I've always believed that hair is one of the most important fashion accessories a girl could have. The creativity and imagination that go into the cut, color, styling and formation of a good hair style is worth its weight in gold and holds the same level of artistic value as perfectly tailor blouse or an amazingly flattering dress in which you feel beautiful, confident and sexy in.

The hair styles featured in Vogue Italia's fashion issue are pitch perfect examples of cool coiffure. These styles are very inspired by the 1960's beehive, sharp angled bobs and androgynously adorable pixie cuts that are the perfect balance of rude boy tough and coquettish gamine. It is safe to say I would play with any of the hairstyles.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michael Caine, Los Angeles 1966

Michael Caine. Los Angeles. 1966. Oh heart be still!

I recently came across these photographs of devilishly cool Michael Caine in Los Angeles and boy did my heart swoon! The photographs of the rising English actor in Los Angeles were taken by Life magazine photographer Bill Ray. Ray recalls about the young actor that “there is a very fine line between being lazy and being laid back, and Caine knew exactly were that line was. He worked all the time but never broke a sweat. He always knew his lines, but was in no hurry to blurt them out. If things broke down on the set, he was happy in his trailer listening to The Four Tops or grabbing a nap. He was simply made for the movie business.”

And as for the beautiful women that would constantly surround Caine as shown in the pictures below, Ray remembers that Michael “seemed to be a magnet, without ever lifting a finger. And that was another part of the laid-back thing. He seemed to have perfected a way to make things look easy, and so things became easy. Most guys would be happy to kill themselves, walk the burning desert, crawl on broken glass to bed a beautiful girl. But not Caine. He wouldn’t walk across the street. But if a drop-dead gorgeous girl did the walking, and if it wasn’t dinner time, he was more than happy to oblige. You could really hate a guy like that — except that he was so charming, so smooth, that you were very happy to be around him, hoping some of it would rub  off on you — which, of course, it didn’t!

Saucy Mr. Caine!

And in other handsome, sexy English man news: I am incredibly ecstatic to say that during our London trip last week Liam asked me to marry him! We are now engaged and I couldn't be happier! I adore Liam more than Michael Caine himself ;)


We Are The Mods Episode 22

You could not imagine my excitement when fellow Mod enthusiast Warren Peace of We Are The Mods radio fame asked me to contribute my female perspective of the Mad Men's "Mad for Mod" clothing collection currently being sold at mass retailer Banana Republic. I jumped at the fun opportunity because I am a fan of Warren's show and of mod fashion. I was more than happy to give my thoughts about it to someone other than Liam who constantly has to hear my bickering :)

I was joined in the interview by fellow Mod blogger Carlos Perez. Please do yourself a favor if you have even the slightest interested in 60's culture and fashion (and I bet you do since you are reading this blog) and listen to Warren's fantastically fun, utterly groovy program, We Are The Mods and read Carlos's brilliantly honest and smart blog Mod Male. Both are chock full of tidbits by 2 males who live, eat, breath all things mod. 

And to anyone visting Ahoy hoy! for the first time because of the radio show - Welcome! I hope you enjoy this little thing I do :)