Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Are The Mods Episode 22

You could not imagine my excitement when fellow Mod enthusiast Warren Peace of We Are The Mods radio fame asked me to contribute my female perspective of the Mad Men's "Mad for Mod" clothing collection currently being sold at mass retailer Banana Republic. I jumped at the fun opportunity because I am a fan of Warren's show and of mod fashion. I was more than happy to give my thoughts about it to someone other than Liam who constantly has to hear my bickering :)

I was joined in the interview by fellow Mod blogger Carlos Perez. Please do yourself a favor if you have even the slightest interested in 60's culture and fashion (and I bet you do since you are reading this blog) and listen to Warren's fantastically fun, utterly groovy program, We Are The Mods and read Carlos's brilliantly honest and smart blog Mod Male. Both are chock full of tidbits by 2 males who live, eat, breath all things mod. 

And to anyone visting Ahoy hoy! for the first time because of the radio show - Welcome! I hope you enjoy this little thing I do :)


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