Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michael Caine, Los Angeles 1966

Michael Caine. Los Angeles. 1966. Oh heart be still!

I recently came across these photographs of devilishly cool Michael Caine in Los Angeles and boy did my heart swoon! The photographs of the rising English actor in Los Angeles were taken by Life magazine photographer Bill Ray. Ray recalls about the young actor that “there is a very fine line between being lazy and being laid back, and Caine knew exactly were that line was. He worked all the time but never broke a sweat. He always knew his lines, but was in no hurry to blurt them out. If things broke down on the set, he was happy in his trailer listening to The Four Tops or grabbing a nap. He was simply made for the movie business.”

And as for the beautiful women that would constantly surround Caine as shown in the pictures below, Ray remembers that Michael “seemed to be a magnet, without ever lifting a finger. And that was another part of the laid-back thing. He seemed to have perfected a way to make things look easy, and so things became easy. Most guys would be happy to kill themselves, walk the burning desert, crawl on broken glass to bed a beautiful girl. But not Caine. He wouldn’t walk across the street. But if a drop-dead gorgeous girl did the walking, and if it wasn’t dinner time, he was more than happy to oblige. You could really hate a guy like that — except that he was so charming, so smooth, that you were very happy to be around him, hoping some of it would rub  off on you — which, of course, it didn’t!

Saucy Mr. Caine!

And in other handsome, sexy English man news: I am incredibly ecstatic to say that during our London trip last week Liam asked me to marry him! We are now engaged and I couldn't be happier! I adore Liam more than Michael Caine himself ;)


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