Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vogue Italia Beauty edition

I've always believed that hair is one of the most important fashion accessories a girl could have. The creativity and imagination that go into the cut, color, styling and formation of a good hair style is worth its weight in gold and holds the same level of artistic value as perfectly tailor blouse or an amazingly flattering dress in which you feel beautiful, confident and sexy in.

The hair styles featured in Vogue Italia's fashion issue are pitch perfect examples of cool coiffure. These styles are very inspired by the 1960's beehive, sharp angled bobs and androgynously adorable pixie cuts that are the perfect balance of rude boy tough and coquettish gamine. It is safe to say I would play with any of the hairstyles.


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  1. You look like a young (pre-bad nose job) Juliette Greco!