Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perfect Hair Forever...

Hello, I'm April. And I am addicted to haircuts.

That's how my journey through Haircuts Anonymous will start. And then I will gush about my obsession with clean haircuts and the feeling of euphoria that I get when I cut my hair. It is so therapeutic.

I  remember a few years ago I was dating a real gem of a guy (insert sarcasm here) and I would constantly be upset and sad. I was getting my haircut at that time at Carlton Salon. Every time I would be super pissed by whatever "gem" decided to do that time, I would go cut my hair. After a while, Monica, who would do my hair, exclaimed, "You sure come in here often" That was my last time there. I was sure that my secret was out on how haircuts are my therapy sessions.

Well its been over a month since I have had my haircut and I must admit it is driving me crazy, making me feel down and overall making me very anxious. How can it be that I have all these emotions because I haven't had my hair trimmed? I can't wait till Haircut Anonymous starts!

Below are examples of what I consider perfect haircuts. Stylish people with precise dos! I love it!

Ranya Mordanova

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 Campaign

My girl-crush, Cecilia Mendez <3

And Lloyd Christmas. What a clean cut!


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