Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"That Girl" Costume Exhibit

Outfits on display from the "That Girl" costume dept. Simply beautiful! I want to archive them all (in my closet)

Yes please! The Patent Leather Black pumps and the Silver Pumps in a 7 1/2! They are everything a dream shoe should be!

Tweed dress by American Designer Bill Blass

Yellow Coat, White Tights, Buckle Pumps = Perfection! Love the length of the coat. And the neck as well. Very smart!

Not into the Maxi Dress so much, lets see more of that navy coat!

Sexist Romper ever! The two different patterns mix so well it hurts.

Favorite outfit hands down! Navy Empire Waist Coat with Neck detail, white tights, and red pumps, purse and pumps! Tres chic!

I just want to take a moment as well to confess my love of white tights. I truly couldn't live without them! I want to be buried with white tights on,



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  2. Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes, That Girl!

    "Confessing your love of white tights". April, you are so funny!