Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Le Vie En Rose - The Young Edith Piaf

I recently saw this movie AGAIN for the god knows how many-ith time! Marion Cotillard is such an talented actress. I don't know how it worked out that a french actress in a french film received the American Oscar for Best Actress but she is magnifique!

Well enough about the movie, lets talk about the clothes!

For the most part of this movie, Edith is in either really shabby wear (she grew up ridiculously poor and would make money by singing in the streets) or long black gowns "without collars!" to perform in.

But one of my favorite parts of the film is when Edith, young and newly discovered by "Daddy Leplee", is at a New Years Eve party. She is having a ball drinking champange, laughing with her best friend, making fun of people and wearing an adorable sailor inspired wool sweater. The sweater is a vneck but becomes a square in the back. (couldn't get a good enough shot of the back of the sweater)

Edith is also wearing a very authentic of the time period Sailor Tam. Everytime I see this part of the film I like to think I would probably worn the same exact outfit she was wearing at the party being if I were there (heck, I'd wear that to a party now 80 years later!). This scene always makes me wish I could jump into the film and party with young Edith Piaf.

"yeah I don't like your mug!" I always laugh when she yells that to an annoying fan. She was a feisty one that Edith. Good girl.


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