Friday, October 8, 2010

Lily Allen - The Fear

Lily Allen is a lot more famous here in the states for her drunk topless pictures that show up in tabloids, her scandalous relationship with her mother's ex-boyfriend (keep it in the family Lily?) her openness about her miscarriage with Ed Simmons, of Chemical Brothers fame, child. And of course her Fall 2009 Chanel Ads where she tries to channel her inner Holly Golightly.

Across the pond, on top of the glorious resume above, she has her own boutiques, she hosted her own talk-show, is in major hot water right now for talking trash about the Beckhams, and is actually a very successful recording artist.

I never gave her much thought. Her first album was a little annoying with that whole ska-reggae kinda vibe. But her second album, Its Not Me its You, is much more polished. I really like her videos as well.

The Fear is a great single full of bratty snobbery and a little truth behind it. And her dress in the video, by PPQ, is too adorable for words! I love the vintage print, oversized collar, and black satin tie. Its a rather simple dress but very lust worthy!

Lily is currently pregnant and is expected to give birth in early 2011. Congratulations Miss Llly. But please, no more topless drunk pictures! You'll be a mommy soon.

UPDATE 11/15: Miss Lily Allen suffered a miscarriage earlier this month. Get well soon Miss Allen <3


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