Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birds - Ipso Facto

Todays Bird of the day (or Birds I should say) is the British girl group Ipso Facto.

If Ipso Facto hadn't broken up, I'd rest assure you I would take my fresh dyed black hair, black dress collection and liquid liner to London to join the band! Their music, described as "goth-inflected, melodramatic psychedelic rock" never really struck a cord with me. And with a description like that, its surprising they never got me as a devoted fan of their music. They had the right idea, but I think the vocals didn't quite do it for me. And their organ is a little too generic 60s sounding (I know, I know - i'm a snob) But I never said I was joining the band for their music! It's for their style of course! Black Helmut-like bobs (always perfect looking!) , black tights, knee socks, vintage capes, pale makeup and black 60s mini dresses. These girls are like perfect like replicas of another bird I highly admire, Louise Brooks. Oh what fun! If they ever get back together, I really hope I can tour with them as their violinist. 

Black and white wardrobe is all they ever wear. I am fine with that!

Samantha Valentine is the daughter of Hilton Valentine, guitarist for The Animals.

Glossy hair is a must have accessory for I.F.

Amazing cape! Rosie looks fabulous in it.

Their Album. Ipso Facto logo taken from the movie "if..."

I would love to have the balls to pull of black lipstick. But i'll stick to dark plum for now.


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