Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amy Winehouse for the House of Laurels!

I am actually very happy with the collaboration between Fred Perry and Amy Winehouse. She is everything I want my British celebrity to be, always drunk, loud mouth, a bit vulgar, with a retro style and loads of musical talent.

Amy total fits the description above, not only that but she has always been rocking the laurels and in a way Fred Perry owes her for bringing the brand into the public eye, for women at least, a lot of Brit Boys (mhmmm, brit boys...) rock Fred Perry already.

Amy has this to say about her love affair with the house of laurels:

“…Fred Perry is my be all and end all. I've always loved it, always worn it, and it feels like a living dream. I'm not an overconfident person, but I'm really sure about this collection."

Below are sketches of her Fred Perry line to hit stores this month. She will also be modeling the clothes herself in the November issue of British Glamour. I have to get an issue!

I think this collection couldn't come at a better time. With Ben Sherman no longer carrying a womens line, Fred Perry could totally rein over the Brit fashion scene.

Amy rocking Fred Perry.


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