Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bryan Ferry at The Greek Theater

Bryan Ferry at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles October 15th 2011 5th row center seats. I had an utter blast at the concert! Bryan played a great assortment of new stuff, older solo stuff, covers and Roxy Music tunes. I have to say my favorite numbers were Slave to Love, Don't Stop the Dance, Casanova (I was surprised he played Casanova, it was the only song he played from Country Life) and If There Is Something.

Bryan's persona and performance was everything I imagined it to be! It was the highest degree of glamour I have seen in a performance. The whole show was exploding with style from his sexy back-up dancers and singers to Bryan's amazingly talented and hot saxophone player who T left the concert with a little crush on.

Here are the pictures and videos I was able to take at the show inbetween all my crying, dancing, singing and shouting at the top of my lungs; "I LOVE YOU BRYAAAAAAAN!!"

Bryan performed Slave to Love right after he performed Don't Stop The Dance. It was a double header of awesome!

If There is Something with an outstanding solo by saxophonist Jorja Chalmers. Sorry for the shaky hand. It was a little difficult singing, dancing and recording.

My souvenir Bryan Ferry shirt

Till we meet again Mr. Ferry!


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