Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birds of the day - Automobile edition!

This post is totally gonna be a dude orientated post but through a womens perspective. That's right, todays post is all about Chicks and Cars bro!

I am an admirer of all things vintage and of fine design, and cars are no exception! Even though I do not drive a vintage automobile at the moment, I do hope to one day own a girly Nash coupe, a fun little Peugeot, or a clean, angular vintage Volvo. Until now, the 99' VW Beetle I currently drive will do.

Here is a parade of birds and cars. As you can see the two go together like a wink and a smile!



  1. One day...I WILL have a vintage car again...I miss my old Karman Ghia

  2. I've ALWAYS wanted a Karman Ghia! What color was your Iris?

  3. My was two tone..white and Primer gray LOL I never got the chance to paint it...

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