Monday, January 10, 2011

What Would Rachel Wear?

If you are anything like me you often lie awake restless at night wondering if the Los Angeles of the future will very much look like the Los Angeles in Blade Runner. And then those thoughts tangent into fashion (of course) and you start to deeply ponder what all the stylish Replicants, like Rachel, would wear in the year 2019?

Well this post is dedicated to that hot Replicant bird from Blade Runner, Rachel, and answers the question that has been on all of our minds, "What Would Rachel Wear?"

Victor Costa Puff Sleeved Dress, is very structural and has the dramatic shoulders you could only come to expect in Rachel's wardrobe.

Sport Max Piped Ribbed Collared dress, is a futuristic dress that looks stylish and is functional in the cold, rainy Los Angeles weather.

Wolford Lux Denier Tights in Carmel, these tights are like your bare legs, only better. Replicant's are probably manufactured with perfect legs already though.

Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps, perfect shoe for the retro-future look Rachel pulls off so well.

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof eyeliner in Noir. The color is rich, blendable black in a waterproof formula perfect for withstanding wet Los Angeles nights and Replicant tears.

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Electric Coral. This color is sexy, and innocent looking. Don't you just love contradictions? It would give Rachel the perfect vibrant, glossy pout.

Nars blush in Exhibit A. What is more futuristic than a brillant red that when applied to cheeks is a very flattering, bright pink? Rachel would approve!

Clinique Brow Shaper in Charcoaled for Rachel's perfectly manicured bushy brows.

Our fashion inspiration:

I can't wait till 2019!!


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