Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lily Cole for French Playboy - Oo la la!

Looking at these pictures Miss Lily Cole did for French Playboy really shows me how different American Playboy is from its French counterpart. The women and shoots in the modern American Playboy seem so made-up, fake and over processed. I guess American men (or at least the men who buy Playboy) love their women to look like some unreal fantasy fem-bot. Large fake breasts, big unnatural bleached blonde hair, pounds of over-the-top makeup, and raunchy lingerie.

As where  French Playboy seems to feature nudity and the woman's body in a more realistic, tasteful manner. This editorial with model Lily Cole is fun, artistic and far softer and more natural than the harsh fake portrayal of women here in the US.

So enjoy Miss Cole's pictures from French Playboy October 2008!



  1. Ugh, I am truly envious of how skinny she is!

  2. I'm pretty disappointed how stupid they made her look, considering how pretty she really is :-/

  3. she looks like a 12 year old. maybe french men are pervs.