Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The many dresses of Miss Alexa Chung

Oh Alexa, I kinda dig you. I've always been obsessed with British fashion and culture, but seriously, there has not been a decent English icon since Queen Kate back in the 90's. A lot of the girls coming out of the UK who are considered to have fashion "sense" don't impress me at all and actually, rather lack taste. Oh yea, I am looking at you Peaches Geldof.

But Alexa is doing something right! And my opinion is because she channels a rather innocent and extremely demure "little girl" look that comes off very polished, elegant and naturally stylish. She never looks like she is trying too hard and Alexa is smart enough to know what and what doesn't work with her body. You will never see her wearing a super-over-the-top sexpot ensemble because she understands her body and what compliments it (that is seriously the #1 rule when it comes to dressing well. How often do you see girls and think, "uhhh, she shouldn't be wearing that!" Exactly.). I totally connect with Alexa on that. I also have a rather waify, boyish body myself and you won't ever see me in anything to "womanly". I do prefer dressing rather young than looking like a little girl trying too hard to be made up. Alexa said it best in a interview I saw on YouTube:

"I find it very hard to dress head to toe in a feminine, sort of glamorous look. I like girly (style) buts it's more like little girl. I'm not really good at "womanly" "

Well said Alexa!

Another thing I love about Alexa Chung is that she loves dresses just as much as I do! I hate wearing pants. I prefer being in a dress everyday than jeans. Dresses are way more fun to wear and harder to pull off. Oh how I love dresses....

Here is the one and only Miss. Chung in a parade of fun dresses! Enjoy!

 She is currently dating Alex Turner of Artic Monkeys / Last Shadow Puppets fame. Swoon. Totally.

Did I mention she's dating Alex Turner?! They are totally the most stylish Brit Couple since Kate Moss and Pete Doherty (and without major drug issues)



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  1. When I was MUCH thinner and waifish I used to dress extremely little that I have filled out and my boobs seem to be the main focal point on my body..I am trying to take advantage of the "womanly" ensmbles cause if I attempt to put on some of my more waifish style of clothes on I look heavier then what I really am.
    I think more people DO need to dress for their body many times I see girls and I am like you own a mirror seriously!