Friday, November 26, 2010

Pretty Mama.

Cecilia Mendez in a mother / son inspired editorial.  My favorite model in the world, (sorry Queen Kate) is exceptionally styled and comes out very polish and elegant as a fashionable young mother in this editorial. I wish I had a hard copy of the Russian Vogue this photo shoot was in. 

Is there anything my super girl crush Cecilia Mendez can't do? I absolutely love her work! She makes androgyny look good.

I have to do a Bird of The Day post soon dedicated to my darling Ceci (as I call her) but I haven't found the words fit for her tribute or have I finished shifting through all the pictures I have of her. If I would post all of them you would think I have a very unhealthy appreciation for this model. (which I so do)

In other news, I have been super sick with a major cold. Boo.

3/4 length coats, structured purses, patent leather shoes and mini dresses- I can't wait to be a mom!


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  1. Exactly how a mom should look. I refuse to wear mom jeans when I'm a mother someday, hahaha.