Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carven Fall 2011

If there's one line whose look book I look forward to seeing every season it is definitely French design house Carven. And once again their beautiful feminine designs do not disappoint.

What I love most about Carven is that they know how to make a good SUPERB dress for women who like me, who wouldn't really feel comfortable in an over sexualized, womanly dress (ala Versace, Robert Cavalli etc. ) Carven makes exquisite dresses, and sharp, exceptionally tailored separates that are the perfect balance of girly charm and adult sophistication. Carven makes clothes that I feel define that certain point in a woman's life (I'll call it mid 20s) where you need a little of both, girly charisma and womanish sex appeal, in your life.

I am especially loving the beautifully fitting jackets with toggle closures and the introduction of tartans and plaid for Autumn / Winter. I can definitely use more tartans and plaid for this winter.

Till the next look book Carven!


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  1. The Avenues are giving you 'mad-style-props' for your consistent, yet relentless appetite for design. Your taste level goes unmatched.