Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tom Ford's 5 Commandments for Gentlemen

Oh that Tom Ford! When he isn't designing luxury accessories, clothing, fragrance's, cosmetics and accessories, he's re-writing the rules. In case, Tom Ford has recently written the 5 Commandments for Gentlemenly Gentleman and who better than one of the best men's suit designers ever to give men a healthy dose of style, grace and common sense.

"1. You should put on the best version of yourself when you go out in the world because that is a show of respect to the other people around you.

April's thoughts: This applies to women too! Have respect for yourself and if not for yourself then others. I don't want to see you walking about town in your worn out, baggy pajama pants, your hair all a hot mess and wearing your puffy house slippers out in public. With so much ugliness in the world, why don't you contribute some class, presentation, and a total look that says "I care about how I present myself" even if you don't? I often get teased for coming into work sharply dressed  even if I end up sitting in the tiny office all day by myself but you know why I do it, because I have respect for myself and the brand I work for (and cause I never know when Mark Ronson will be in the Cooper Bldg). I think people take stuff like that for granted.

2. A gentleman today has to work. People who do not work are so boring and are usually bored. You have to be passionate, you have to be engaged and you have to be contributing to the world.

April's thoughts:  Very true. This is why I never dated wealthy trust fund babies and royalty :)

3. Manners are very important and actually knowing when things are appropriate. I always open doors for women, I carry their coat, I make sure that they're walking on the inside of the street. Stand up when people arrive at and leave the dinner table.

April's thoughts:  Tom Ford is an openly gay man and knows how to treat a lady better than most straight men. Manners go a very, very, very long way!

4. Don't be pretentious or racist or sexist or judge people by their background.

April's thoughts: Nicely said Tom, but do feel free to judge people who wear pajama bottoms to the mall. There is no excuse for that! (unless you JUST got released from the hospital)

5. A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach."

April's thoughts: Flip flops are not real shoes. Since when did this style of footwear that was originally reserved for surfers, and people at health spa's become the go-to-shoe for Men and Women everywhere? No no no people! Let the insanity stop! Buy some loafers, flats, canvas slip-ons for everyday running around. Not flip flops!

And those are it. Mr. Ford's rules to live by.

As you can tell by my commentary, today has been a very stressful day.

Suits by none other than Tom Ford.



  1. Good rules. And my boyfriend from Skins (UK)!

  2. I wouldn't be caught dead in flip-flops anywhere but at the beach!