Monday, March 21, 2011

La Vilaine Lulu by Yves Saint Laurent

In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent wrote and illustrated his one and only comic strip - La Vilaine Lulu. In this book Yves Saint Laurent's cruelly mocks the world of fashion, Catholicism, his relatives, his colleagues, and everything in between. Lulu, our heroine in the comic strip, also creates quite a stir with her nasty behavior, heavy drinking & smoking, lewd comments and at times very unsociable behavior.  Lulu is like a reform school Madeline. My what a naughty girl!

The book has recently been republished by La Martiniere and is definitely not considered appropriate for children. La Vilaine Lulu is a great book for YSL fans, fashion lovers, or naughty little girls (like me.)

The book is completely in French so when I order it I will also have to order my Rosetta Stone. Oui oui!

I like Lulu already!


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