Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Duckie Brown - for the Refined Rudie!

I may be a little late in posting this since it is a Fall 2010 collection, but I was so enamored by it I just wanted to showcase it!

Duckie Brown  is a menswear line based out of New York and was started by designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver in 2001. Duckie Brown mission is simple and straightforward, "dressing men beautifully".

I really like their Fall 2010 collection because it has a very refined rude-boy look to it. Like something Terry Hall or Suggs McPherson would wear onstage or to an awards show back in their Madness / The Specials heyday. Bold, fashionable and very Brit!

The Duckie Brown collection is doing rude-boy right, with its edgy punk inspired plaid, color block jackets, bright red 3/4 length coats, and pegged, high-water trousers (I don't know why but I've always been a sucker for men in slightly high-watered pants, it's very Rock - n -Roll) The collections tailored pieces are versatile and unique!

I also love this look cause it's a sharp mens look and I am quite sick and tired of the same old generic Dandy / Hipster / Fashionista look all these "fashionable" boys in LA have had going on for the last 3 years or so. They so need a change! I mean if you are gonna do Dandy do it right! I want to see top hats, ascots, tailcoats and even a darn monocle for goodness sake! Let's not forgot that real Dandies of the 19th century actually had good hygiene. I don't get these fake Dandies of today with greasy unkept hair and a 5'o clock shadow. The OG Dandies are rolling over in their graves!

Anyways, thats enough venting for today...whew!

Terry Hall with The Specials looking too cool for school!

Suggs McPherson with Madness playing one of my favorite unconventional love songs ever!


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