Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ingenue Collection

It has been said that Albert Einstein wore the exact same outfit every single day and had a closet full of the same, shirts, suits, ties, socks and shoes. Now wearing the same outfit everyday would be a little dull, but what about the same colors? Having a closet full of various styles but all in the same colorway may actually work! By having the same colorways you can create a signature look for yourself and getting dressed would be a breeze!  It's very Einstein but without the repetition- now that's genius!

The first brand I would fill my closet with to achieve this color uniformity would be Los Angeles based label Ingenue. Not only are their designs darling, but they have incorporated the chicest of color combinations into their collection- black & white! Having a closet full of Ingenue's girly, Valley of The Dolls inspired dresses, rompers and separates would be the epitome of color coordination perfection and retro sex appeal! Very smart.



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