Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Liza with a Z

I've been collecting some great pictures of Liza Minnelli for a while now wanting to do a post on her on her Birthday. And behold March 12th came and went without my Liza post. With March coming in like a lion, and well still continuing to be very lioness towards the end, it had totally escaped my mind to do my Liza post. But it is better late than never so here's to Miss Minnelli!

I was never really acquainted with Liza's work. I knew of her only from her later life in tabloids, controversial marriages, and of course because of her famous mother Judy Garland. But in the last few years I started getting a lot of comparisons to Liza. It bothered me at first since I only was familiar with middle aged Liza but when I saw Cabaret, I realized that this girl had style and loads of talent! The hair, the voice, those eyes, the moves, the hair (did I already mention that?) made this descendent of Hollywood royalty a star in her own right. Happy 66th Miss Liza!


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