Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting Miss Moffitt

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever written. Words are not really doing their life's purpose and allowing me to describe how utterly in awe and star struck I still feel from Friday nights event. How does one go about describing a moment where they were taking in every nano second while it was happening and yet totally blanking out at the same time? The occasion seemed to be a byproduct of years and years of manifesting and putting the idea out into the world, and yet at the same time a sheer case of "being at the right place and the right time".

I mean after all, to me Peggy Moffitt is my ultimate girl crush. And having the chance to meet my biggest style inspiration and fashion icon at The Total Look exhibit at MOCA, was really such a life changing event to me.

The whole evening was a blast and very memorable because not only did I get to meet such a hero of mine but it was spent with people who not only share my enthusiasm for beautiful design and exquisite vintage fashion, but who are dear friends in my life. I couldn't be happier with how my momentous evening turned out.

Wearing Audrey's Rudi Gernreich Pop Art dress in front of the display @ MOCA

A Rudi Dress and Ferragamos?! This is my interpretation of heaven!

My favorite Rudi outfit- The Japanese School uniform. It was such a treat to finally see this beautful ensemble in person!

Short hemlines and empire waist everywhere! I absolutely adore it.

Is there anything more feminine than a square neckline?

What's black, white and red all over? My second favorite Rudi piece on display. Of course put sharply together with matching red Ferragamos. I want to cry.

And behold!The beautiful Peggy Moffitt in all her glory. She looked amazingly fabulous and was everything I imagined her to be! She is such an icon!

Peggy signing my Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffitt book, this picture is silly but only shows a small glimpse of my excitement and giddiness.

She still has the better haircut - must give it up for the original.

Peggy and I talking. She told me I had great taste in literature when I handed her my Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffitt book for her to sign. She is such a sassy little thing! I love it!

 And at the end I finally got my Peggy Moffitt book signed. I knew exactly what page I wanted her signature on - the Japanese School Uniform page of course!

So remember this boys and girls of the blog world - dreams can come true and when they do its so AWESOME!


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