Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas to meeeeeeee!

Oh 2010, you came and you gave without takin' but I sent you away, oh 2010! (in the style of "Mandy")

So Christmas is here once again. That's cool. It just comes by quicker and quicker every year. When I'm in charge, Christmas will be once every other year. It'll give people time to miss it  and appreciate it more and I will also ban Christmas from starting the day after Halloween like I feel it does nowadays. As soon as you get over your Halloween hangover, Christmas is down your throat with annoying commercials and decorations everywhere. Ba Humbug is right!

Since Christmas is now finally right around the corner, I have taken upon myself to create a Christmas list in case anyone was wondering what I want to see under my tree this year. And yes, I have been a VERY good girl this year!

So here is my Christmas wishlist, In no particular order:
Orla Kiely Beauty Case in Tripp Print. It matches the new Orla Kiely luggage I just purchased.

Plaid Knee High socks! What more do I need to say?

Marmalade's Turquoise dress. I need more turquoise in my life.

A Peggy Moffitt children's book! How perfect is that?! Pictures by William Pene Du Bois.  I  have been wanting this book for years now!

An brand new iPod. Cause mine is about kaput now

A Madeline doll. She is a style inspiration!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Ring. I bought their previous Daisy Ring and I love it! I wear it as a ring or as a scarf clip to tie my scarves.

Narciso Rodriguez "Her". I need a great smelling Rodriguez in my life. I  thought I was the only one.

Orla Kiely Frill Detail dress. Yes this dress is a little steep. But this is a WISHLIST isn't it?

And what girl's wish list would be complete without overprice purses? Presenting Dooney & Bourke's Large Equestrian purse! This purse is classic and goes with everything!

Dooney & Bourke's Plaid Messenger Crossbody in Crimson. What a fun bag this is! I wear all black outfits quite often and this vibrant plaid would bring some color into my Wednesday Adams wardrobe.



  1. Great wishlist....I think my number one wish is probably for a new Cell! I have the worlds most beat up POS phone known to man..but I can't ever seem to break down and just buy a new one.
    I hope you get what you wished for!!!

  2. Well I hope Santa brings you I cool new cell. With an insurance plan cause something is ALWAYS going wrong with cell phones!