Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cambridge Satchel Company

I have always wanted a classic English book bag, and once I saw my dear Carey Mulligan carry one around in the movie, "An Education" my want became a need!

Many labels have their own interpretation of the classic English Satchel, but none is more authentic (and wallet friendly) as The Cambridge Satchel Company's version.

The Cambridge Satchel comes in a variety of sizes including the standard 15" which is the perfect size for laptops, books, and other needed school / work supply.

One of the best things about these satchels is that it comes in the most vibrant, fun colors I have ever seen! It would be so hard to pick one, but if I must, I would go with the tradition brown leather.

The Cambridge Satchel company offers embossing on the bag so I can get a nice shiny "AR" on it. But for some reason two initials doesn't look as sophisticated as three. Thanks mom and dad for skipping that whole middle name thing at the time of my birth. Maybe I'll make a middle initial up.

The book bags start at $141.00 which is pretty descent compared to the Dooney and Bourke bag I had wanted at $600.00

You can find the satchels at:

I would prefer a Batchel instead of the Satchel. The difference? A top handle and the option to convert into a backpack. I need this now.

Miss Carey Mulligan sporting the English satchel in her movie, "An Education"



  1. I own a vintage one and it's just the perfect size for everyday life :) I really adore it. I'm so glad I've found your blog!

  2. I want a Cambridge Satchel so bad! The question is, which color? :) Cant make up my mind!