Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birds of the day - The girls of Beatlemania!

 In a post fitting to the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, I hereby declare those lovely, hysterically-insane, tragically obsessed, Beatle-loving teenage girls, for whom the term "Beatlemania" was penned for, as my Birds Of The Day! Here here!

So here's to you you manic little girls! Your dedication and the intensity of your undying love for The Beatles, although a bit scary and abnormal at times, is beyond legendary and you set the bar high for sheer insanity and absolute delirium. You taught society not to underestimated the power of hormone-crazed, mop-top-loving teenage girls in numbers.  No one has been able to touch the intensity of your frenzy since. Sure , nowadays there is Biebermania, and I remember Spice Girl Mania, but those fanatics couldn't holding smelling salts to the troves of your fainting girls.

This post is dedicated to you ladies! For all you have done for pop-culture, music history, and for loving a fab four piece band from Liverpool with every ounce of sanity (or lack of it) you had! <3

You birds were too cool. xo


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