Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eenamaria Handbags! Oh joy!

Lately, I have been missing my Eenamaria Mondrian book bag. Oh you precious little thing you! It was given to me as a gift about 2 years ago when I first came across Eenamaria's exceptionally playful, vibrantly Mod, and extremely chic purse collection.

I wore that Mondrian bookbag out! I loved it because it held all my work essentials, was stylish and went with various outfits. I often use 1 purse and wear the hell out of it, then put it away for months upon months until I miss it again and re-introduce it into my daily use. Right now I have been on a roll with my Dooney & Bourke Doctor Satchel. (Which has truly been my best buy of 2010.)

Well I am beginning to miss my Eenamaria bag now. At the moment, I believe the purse is in a attic in Glassel Park. We won't go into details why its there but at least I know she's safe.

If you haven't heard of Eenamaria and you love purses and all things mod like I do, please check them out at And even if you don't like purses and all things mod ( booo!) still check out the website because the styling, photos and models are very pretty pretty!

Mondrian bookbag! You will be back with mommy someday...


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  1. Love that Mondrian bookbag. :)