Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alison Nix for Elle Russia

Honestly, I need a subscription to Russian Elle! The European counterparts to the American magazines simply blow the us out of the water (in my opinion) the feature less celebrities (I'm so sick of seeing the same 5 celebrities on every magazine cover!) and the styling and pictorials suit my taste way better than the American magazines do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a sucker for our big, glossy- paged fashion mags, its just that Europe is doing things a little more my style!

When I ran into these pictures featured in Elle Russia's July 2010 issue, I was so giddy I jumped right out of my chair and squealed with utter delight! Who is this model in my dream wardrobe looking perfectly mod, cool and oh-so-fun!?

The answer is America's own Alison Nix! Those European magazines may have all the right styling and looks, but in this case we have the right girl! USA! USA! WOO!

So please enjoy this fresh faced American model playing it up in a futuristic space-aged Mod look for the Russian zines!

I've spent WEEKS admiring these pictures already! This is one editorial that will never get old! 


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