Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Modern Mod Maven - Dawn O'Porter

One thing is to be married to comedian Chris O' Dowd from IT Crowd / Bridesmaids fame, and another thing is to have an immaculate mod style! This is why I hereby declare Dawn O'Porter a Modern Mod Maven!

She may not be a household name in the states (yet) but Dawn is known in the UK for her television documentaries covering taboo subjects such as sex, extreme dieting, nudity and polygamy as well as for her writing (her newest novel, Paper Aeroplanes, is about 2 teenage girls growing up in the mid 90's. It may very well be the story of my teenage years) But what I find absolutely adorable about the Scottish TV presenter and author is her ace personal style. From her perfect bobbed coiffure, and the terrific array of dresses; peter pan collared, Pucci print, shift, or mini- Dawn rocks them all with style!  I love how there are very few photos of her in pants as she wears dresses all the time- and that is why you, Dawn O'Porter are a Modern Mod Maven!

I think Dawn & Chris would very much be the one celebrity couple I would most like to go on a double date on. I could imagine the well dressed fun Liam and I would have with them!


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  1. I love Dawn Porter! I hadn't seen many recent pictures of her so I'm glad she is now married to Chris O'Dowd and super stylin! The ABC shows all of her docos down here in Australia and I really like the one with her trying the different relationship styles - which makes me glad to know she eventually found "the one"