Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonder Girls "Nobody"

I love K-pop. Living in Koreatown I am subjected to the sights and sounds of the K-pop phenomenon. When I get my nails done at the salon inside the Korean mall, my eyes are glued to the K-pop variety shows on TV where I can get my fix of groups like Skarf, Girls Generation, Super Junior and countless others. (The korean girls who work in the salon inform me on the culture of K-pop and how there's countless bands, and that the competition is insane because of new bands always coming out, and how k-pop hopefuls get plastic surgery at a young age just in hopes to get the right "look" to be in a k-pop band.) There are big Psy billboards all over town promoting soju, and endless korean karaoke bars blaring k-pop songs and videos at any given time of day.

Oh but could you only imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I found these photos of K-pop group Wonder Girls all perfectly modded up? They are truly amazing! The ladies of Wonder Girls put on 60's personas for their 2008 hit single, "Nobody". The styling (and the hair! Absolutely loving the hair!) is on target and the photos look like they could have come straight from a 1960's photoshoot. Well done Wonder Girls!


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  1. I love their 60's style outfits (except the shoes).