Friday, July 27, 2012

Purtain Chic - Giulietta Fall 2012

There are many great eras in fashion history; ones that immediately come to mind are the Swinging 60's, the elegant flapper era of the 1920s, and the romantic costumes of the Victorian years; but this impressive Fall 2012 collection by Florence based label Giulietta, has me thinking of another extraordinary fashion worthy period - Purtain Chic.

What Giulietta designer Sofia Sizzi did so cleverly well with this collection was cunningly mixing  pilgrim era staples such as square belt buckles, wide white collars and a color palette of demure chocolate browns and soft sables with on trend color accents of stark white, scarlet reds, icy blues and lime, and pops of peach and canary. The collection transcends time incorporating mod inspired mini dresses, jazz era drop waists, billowy Leg of Mutton Victorian sleeves, and chic contemporary elements such as leather separates. This collection is a brief history lesson on how fashion, when done right, is truly timeless.


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